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Living in Florida is not all sand and sunshine. Residing in a tropical paradise also means being conscious of the annual danger of storms. Every year, extreme weather and hurricanes threaten property damage, and let’s face it, preparing for every eventuality can be a hassle. With Island Home & Estate Managements Hurricane Program, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be ready and protected from incoming storms.

Why Do I Need a Hurricane Preparedness Program?

Florida is the hurricane capital of the United States. In fact, Florida has been hit by almost twice as many hurricanes as the next closest state, and that is not counting tropical depressions and other storms that can cause severe damage.

Our Hurricane Program is essential for any property owner. We do a complete walkthrough of your home and ensure that the most vulnerable elements are as protected as they can be.

What Does Our Hurricane Program Entail?

We will secure your doors, windows, vehicles, and other vulnerable aspects of your property that could experience damage. Some of the program’s highlights include: 

  • Secure safe storage for boats
  • Installation of all hurricane shutters
  • Secure all loose articles

Useful Websites and Local Resources for Florida Hurricane Season

Does Your Home Need Hurricane Protection?

Contact Island Home Watch today and enroll in our hurricane program. We are ready to put a custom plan in place today for you and your prized assets.

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